2023 IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management

Sponsored by the IEEE Reliability Society

Welcome to 2023 IEEE Conference on Prognostics and Health Management

Montreal, Québec
June 5 - June 7, 2023
ICPHM 2023 will be a hybrid event and remote presentation will be an option

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The 2023 IEEE International PHM Conference is the world's premiere forum for PHM and the only PHM conference financially sponsored by the IEEE. PHM is a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary field, that requires an energized exchange of ideas. This conference will match-up world-class expertise in the academic, engineering, and management disciplines to create synergistic exchanges of ideas and practices among academics and industry practitioners. Special attention has been paid to assure a sociable, professional environment to encourage networking, forge new relationships, and deepen existing ones.

Important Dates

Draft full paper: February 3, 2023 February 17, 2023
Notifications of acceptance: March 24, 2023
Author registration due: April 14, 2023
Final manuscript due: April 14, 2023
Conference dates: June 5-7, 2023

2023 Technical Sponsors and Co-sponsors

Siemens (Platinum Sponsor)
PHM Technology (Platinum Sponsor)
IEEE Reliability Society

Concordia University
Eastern Washington University

ICPHM2023 Data Challenge Result Is Now Available! (Printed Version)

Cash Prize

  • The winning team will be awarded $1,000. The second team will be awarded $500, and the third team will be awarded $300. Additionally, each of the top three teams will be offered one free registration per team for the next year conference. Please note that if additional sponsorship funding is secured, the prize money for the competition could be increased.

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Data Challenge Topic: Industrial Systems’ Health Monitoring using Vibration Signal Analysis

Introduction: Industrial systems are prone to defects and failures, which may lead to various undesirable consequences. Industrial practitioners and managers, therefore, are motivated to leverage real-time system monitoring techniques to mitigate the risk of failures, reduce machinery downtime, and have optimum productivity by performing efficient maintenance strategies.  Vibration signals are widely used for fault detection in industrial/manufacturing machinery and are the focus of the ICPHM23 data challenge. ICPHM23 aims to encourage research on developing machine learning (ML)-based models for analyzing vibration signals for industrial systems’ health monitoring.

Additional Information For Participants Can Be Found Here

Tentative Schedule

Competition Open: February 27, 2023
Start date: February 27, 2023
Team registration deadline: March 10, 2023
Test data released: March 25, 2023
Submission deadline: March 31, 2023
Competition Result April 12, 2023

2023 Data Challenge Sponsors

Mäladalens University
Mäladalens Industrial Technology Center

**Guidance for IEEE Publications Regarding AI-Generated Text**

At its February 2023 meeting the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board passed the following motion, to be used as initial guidance by IEEE Publications:

  • “The use of artificial intelligence (AI)–generated text in an article shall be disclosed in the acknowledgements section of any paper submitted to an IEEE Conference or Periodical. The sections of the paper that use AI-generated text shall have a citation to the AI system used to generate the text.”

Effective immediately, Editors-in-Chief should take steps to ensure that relevant author-facing communications, such as author instructions on the sponsoring Society/council website, are updated and editors and reviewers are aware of the guidance.

Contact the IEEE Editor Help Desk at editor-help@ieee.org with any questions.

**ICPHM Policy on Job Recruitment**

The ICPHM conference provides opportunities for professional networking and connecting employers with potential candidates. Non-intrusive job recruitment is allowed and encouraged with the following limitations:

  1. Full-time students and attendees who are not currently employed in a continuing position may post CVs and resumes using conference message boards or through networking with other attendees including exhibitors
  2. Exhibitors may distribute handouts with job opportunities through flyers, QR codes and similar materials but may not actively solicit applicants among the attendees other than through the attendee message board as described above. On site interviewing is not permitted
  3. Attendee lists, when made available, may not be used for the purpose of job recruitment